Application for revocation of coverage of the Dawson Valley Pipeline (Application)

On 15 May 2014 the National Competition Council received an application under the National Gas Law (NGL) from WestSide Corporation for revocation of coverage of the Dawson Valley Pipeline in Queensland. This pipeline extends from the Dawson River Gas Processing Facility and interconnects to the Queensland Gas Pipeline at the Jemena Moura meter station. The pipeline also connects to the Queensland Nitrates Plant at Moura. A copy of the public version of the application is available for download below.

The Council is undertaking a public consultation on the application in accordance with the standard consultative procedures (rule 8 of the National Gas Rules). Under this procedure, in normal circumstances, the Council has 4 months in which to make its recommendation.

The Council invites interested parties to make written submission on the application by no later than 5:00pm on Friday 13 June 2014.

To assist interested parties, the Council’s Gas Guide and Guide to making a submission on applications under the National Gas Law are available for download.

If you intend to make a submission, or would otherwise like to be kept informed of developments with the application, please complete the Registration of interest form available below as soon as possible and email to the Council to

Submissions should be emailed (in both MS Word and PDF formats) to with hard copies sent to:

Dawson Valley Application
National Competition Council
GPO Box 250
Melbourne  VIC 3001

Telephone enquiries may be directed to the Council on 1800 099 470.

After considering the submissions on the application received by the due date, the Council will publish a draft recommendation and provide an opportunity for submission on the draft recommendation before providing its final recommendation to the relevant Minister.

On the basis that the Dawson Valley Pipeline is located wholly within Queensland, the relevant Minister will be the Commonwealth Minister for Industry, Hon. Ian Macfarlane MP.


WestSide Corporation application (PDF, 1.50MB)

Registration of interest (RTF, 332KB)