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Information Publication Scheme

Part II of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) establishes an Information Publication Scheme (IPS) applicable to agencies including the National Competition Council (Council). The IPS requires the Council to publish certain information by 1 May 2011, including a plan of how the Council will contribute to the IPS, information about the Council's structure and operations and information about previous applications for access to information under the FOI Act.

The information the Council is publishing in accord with the IPS is available through this page. The Council will continue to identify and publish information on its website.  Published information will be listed on this page.

If you require access to a Council document that does not appear on this website, or if you require a document in an accessible format, please contact the FOI officer at the addresses provided below.

Agency Plan

The Council's Information Publication Scheme Agency Plan, April 2011 (PDF, 371KB)

Who we are

The Council's organisational chart

Statutory appointments

What we do

Functions and powers of the Council

Strategic/Corporate plan

Chief Executive Instructions (contact FOI officer for access, charges may apply - refer to the Freedom of Information page)

Freedom of Information

Guide to declaration

Guide to certification

Gas Guide

Council policies

Council finances (also refer to the Council's annual reports)

Our reports and responses to Parliament

Annual reports

Council file titles

For Council submissions, including to Parliamentary committees and the Productivity Commission, in the first instance see the website of the relevant agency.

Routinely requested information

The Council does not receive routine requests for information. Any information to which the Council provides access under the FOI Act after 1 May 2011 will be described in a disclosure log.

Disclosure log

Any information to which the Council provides access under the FOI Act after 1 May 2011 will be described in the disclosure log below. (The Council received two FOI Act requests in 2006 related to the Council's (former) role under the National Competition Policy, which concluded in 2005-06).

Disclosure log (DOC, 26KB) 

Public consultation

The Council undertakes a public consultation process when considering applications under Part IIIA of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) or under the National Gas Law. See the Council's homepage and current application page for current applications, including guidance on how to make a submission.

Contact us

The Council welcomes comments on its IPS contribution, including the agency plan. Questions and comments should be directed to the FOI officer at:


Telephone: 1800 099 470

Mail:         FOI Officer
                National Competition Council
                GPO Box 250
                Victoria 3001