Application for declaration of shipping channel services at the Port of Newcastle (Draft recommendation)

The Council has released its draft recommendation on the application for declaration of the shipping channel service at the Port of Newcastle. The draft recommendation is that the service not be declared. The Council has also reached the view that the designated Minister for this matter is the Commonwealth Minister.

The Council’s reasons are set out in its report, which is available for download below.

The Council invites written submissions from interested parties on the draft recommendation. As noted in the Council's Guide to Making a Submission, submissions on a draft recommendation should focus on the preliminary conclusions reached by the Council and the reasons for these and seek to provide additional information and analysis to that already available to the Council. Repetition of points that have been made earlier is unlikely to be of assistance. Parties making submissions are requested to have regard to the Council's preferred format for submissions and in particular to include numbered paragraphs.

The closing time and date for submissions is 5.00pm on Monday 31 August 2015. Submissions (with a completed cover sheet) should be emailed to the Council at The Council encourages submitting parties to ensure their submissions are public documents. The Council may give less weight to information that it is unable to test through a public process.

Inquiries in relation to this matter should be addressed to or to the Council’s staff on 1800 099 470.


Draft recommendation, 30 July 2015 (PDF, 722KB)

Submission cover sheet (RTF, 1.20MB)