NCC policies

Fraud Control Plan

The Council’s Fraud Control Plan has been developed based on the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework 2017. The Government has developed the Framework to assist Commonwealth entities to manage the risk of fraud (from external parties and internal officials) and properly manage public resources.  The Council’s Fraud Control Plan is reviewed every year.

Risk Management Plan

The Council’s Risk Management Plan has been developed based on the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy 2014. This policy provides that the Accountable Authority of a Commonwealth entity must establish and maintain appropriate systems and internal controls for the oversight and management of risk. The Council’s Risk Management Plan is reviewed every year.

Public Interest Disclosure

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 promotes integrity and accountability in the Australian public sector by:

  • encouraging and facilitating the disclosure of information by public officials about suspected wrongdoings in the public sector
  • ensuring that public officials who make public interest disclosures are supported and protected from adverse consequences
  • ensuring that disclosures by public officials are properly investigated and dealt with.

The NCC has established agency procedures to manage public interest disclosures. If you would like to make a public interest disclosure relating to the NCC, you should contact the NCC Authorised Officer at

NCC Public Interest Disclosure Procedures

Other policies

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) provides corporate and professional services to the Council, including advice and support in relation to NCC recommendations, decisions and reports, and administrative services.

Memorandum of Undertanding - National Competition Council and ACCC (PDF, 449KB)

ACCC-NCC Confidential Information Protocol

ACCC-NCC Protocol for managing conflicts of interest in providing services to the NCC - March 2023

The Council has adopted the ACCC's policies and procedures in relation to:

Business Continuity

Email Protocol and Internet Connection Policy

Freedom of Information

Preventing Bullying in the Workplace Policy


Whistleblowers Protection

Workplace Diversity

Workplace Health and Safety


In addition the Council has adopted the following policy:

Information Publication Scheme