Application for a 15-year no-coverage determination for proposed GLNG pipeline

On Tuesday 12 March 2013 the Council received an application under s 151 of the National Gas Law (NGL) from GLNG Operations Pty Ltd (GLNG) for a 15 year no-coverage determination for GLNG's proposed pipeline in Queensland. The pipeline will transport coal seam gas from the gas fields GLNG is developing at Fairview, Roma, Arcadia, Comet Ridge and Scotia to a liquefied natural gas facility to be constructed on Curtis Island.

The effect of a 15-year no-coverage determination is to exempt the proposed pipeline from coverage under the NGL for 15 years from its commissioning.

The public version of the application (excluding material identified as confidential by the applicant) is available under the Application tab.

The Council has undertaken a public consultation on the application in accordance with the standard consultative procedure (rule 8 of the National Gas Rules).

At the close of submissions on the application on Tuesday 9 April 2013, the Council had received one submission. That submission is available to download under the  Submissions on application tab.

On 19 April 2013 the Council released its draft recommendation and initial classification decision. The Council determined that the GLNG pipeline is a transmission pipeline. The relevant Minister is therefore the Commonwealth Minister for Energy and Resources the Hon Gary Gray AO MP.

Having considered the application and the submission, the Council proposed to recommend to the relevant Minister that he decide to make a 15-year no-coverage determination in respect of the GLNG pipeline. The Council's reasoning for its draft recommendation (including the pipeline classification decision) is available for download at the 'Draft recommendation' tab.

The Council invited interested parties to make submissions on the draft recommendation by 13 May 2013 but no further submissions were made.

On 22 May 2013, the Council sent its final recommendation to the relevant Minister. The Council is not satisfied that pipeline coverage criteria (a), (b) or (d) are met and therefore recommends that the relevant Minister make a 15-year no-coverage determination for the GLNG pipeline. The Council's final recommendation report is available for download under the 'Final recommendation and decision' tab.

The relevant Minister has decided to make a no-coverage determination for the GLNG pipeline, in accord with the Council's final recommendation. The relevant Minister's decision and reasons are at the 'Final recommendation and decision' tab.

The Council received the relevant Minister's decision and reasons on 26 June 2013, well within the 30 business day period provided in the NGL.

On 29 October 2015, GLNG Operations Pty Ltd wrote a letter to the Council stating that the GLNG gas transmissions pipeline the subject of the no-coverage determination was commissioned on 13 July 2015. On that basis, the no-coverage determination will expire on 13 July 2030.

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