Application for certification of the South Australian rail access regime (Submissions on draft recommendation)

The period for submissions on the Council's draft recommendation closed on 18 April 2011. The Council received two submissions, from Asciano Limited and Gypsum Resources Australia Pty Ltd. Each of the submissions on the draft recommendation and the letter from the South Australian Minister for Transport are available for download below.

In addition, the Council received a letter from the South Australian Minister for Transport, Hon Patrick Conlon MP. The Minister indicated that, subject to South Australian Parliamentary processes, he would seek to amend the Railways (Operations and Access) Act 1997 (SA) to formalise a requirement for the Essential Services Commission of South Australia to periodically review the railway services covered by the access regime on a five yearly basis, similar to the requirements in the Maritime Services (Access) Act 2000 (SA). This action responds to the Council's draft recommendation, in which it had indicated an intention to recommend certification of the South Australian regime for a period of only five years, instead of the 10 years requested. This was because of the Council's preliminary view that the regime does not adequately provide for periodic review of covered services. The Council indicated that it would likely recommend a 10 year certification period if arrangements for the review of covered services were formalised in the regime.

The Council will consider any amendments proposed, and the level of progress made towards achieving them, when it prepares its final recommendation


Submission by Gypsum Resources Australia Pty Ltd (PDF, 62KB)

Submission by Asciano Limited (PDF, 118KB)

Letter from the South Australian Minister for Transport (PDF, 229KB)