Jemena Pipeline Reclassification (Submissions on application)

The period for submissions on Jemena Gas Networks (NSW) Limited’s application for reclassification of its Northern Trunk (Wilton to Newcastle) and Southern Trunk (Wilton to Wollongong) transmission pipelines as distribution pipelines has ended.

The Council received 1 submission — from AGL Energy Limited. The submission is available for download below.

The Council is preparing a draft decision in relation to this application setting out its proposed decision and the reasons for it. This will be released in the week commencing 1 June 2009.

In accordance with the expedited consultation procedure in the National Gas Rules interested parties will have 15 business days from the release of the draft decision to make any submissions on that draft decision.

If you wish to be kept informed of further developments in relation to Jemena’s application please email your contact details to or complete the registration of interest form, which is available for download below, and return it to the Council at or by fax to (03) 9285 7477.

Inquiries may be directed to Andrew Felkel on (03) 9285 7787, Jessamine Lumley on 03 9285 7495 or to


AGL Energy Limited submission (PDF, 124KB)