Application for certification of the Queensland Rail Network (Submissions on application)

The supplementary submission period ended on 16 August 2010.  The Council received three supplementary submissions. 

The Council provided the opportunity for parties to make supplementary submissions in light of the complexity of the circumstances surrounding the applications so they could address the consequences of any significant developments which occurred after the first submission deadline. The initial submission period closed on 19 July 2010.  The Council received three submissions in response to the application.  All submissions are available for download below.

As advised earlier, the Council intends to undertake its consideration of the certification and declaration applications at the same time and, where appropriate, through a common process.

Once the Council has considered all the submissions, it will prepare a draft recommendation for the declaration applications and the certification application, and provide a further opportunity for public comment.



Queensland Government submission - cover letter (PDF, 34KB)

Queensland Government submission (PDF, 289KB)

QR National submission - cover letter (PDF, 39KB)

QR National submission (PDF, 1.50MB)

Pacific National submission - cover letter (PDF, 29KB)

Pacific National submission (PDF, 171KB)

Pacific National submission - report by Castalia Strategic Advisor (PDF, 111KB)

Supplementary submissions

Pacific National submission (PDF, 53KB)

QR National submission (PDF, 69KB)

Queensland Government submission - cover letter (PDF, 329KB)

Queensland Government submission (PDF, 90KB)

Queensland Government submission - attachment 1 (PDF, 197KB)

Queensland Government submission - attachment 2 (PDF, 549KB)